women psychology

Ordinarily our whole concept of life is centered on sex. Whatsoever we do: we earn money, we earn money for sex; we try to earn fame, but we earn fame for sex.

Even sometimes very innocent activities which you cannot connect with sex are connected with sex if the person is still infatuated with lust.

It is difficult to see how a person who is running after fame is running after sex.

Ask the psychologists. They say women are more attracted by fame than by anything else. They are not so attracted by the face, handsomeness, as they are attracted by achievement.

An achiever, one who has much money, power, prestige, is more attractive to women than anybody else,. because a woman is constantly in search of somebody to lean upon.

You may be beautiful, but if you have no power you cannot give any guarantee and security to the woman.

If you are powerful, maybe you are not beautiful, you are not intelligent, but that doesn’t matter.

But it you are powerful, reliable, the woman can lean on your shoulders. There is a certain guarantee in you.

Men are attracted by physical proportions, body-beauty; a woman is more attracted by fame, prestige, power, achievement.

So if men are too mad after power, the arithmetic is simple. Even in the face of death or in the face of danger people go on lusting. women


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