Beauty of Women

Whenever a woman comes to know that she is accepted as she is, that there is no condition for her acceptance, she becomes beautiful for the first time; a grace of a different world arises in her.

Then the beauty is no longer of the body, it is something from the depth, and you can see and feel the glow of it.

When she carries an aura of grace, even an ugly woman can become beautiful.

Ordinarily even beautiful women are not graceful, because that aura has not come yet.

In the East we have been in deep search for that grace, but in the West, people have still not touched upon it.

The eastern and western beauty, and particularly that of a woman, is totally different. In the East we call a woman beautiful if she is graceful.

When something beyond the body goes on overflowing and surrounds the body, only then is she beautiful. In the West the physiological is more important than the spiritual.Beauty


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